You have finally decided to start a fleet management company as your venture into the

business world. You got the trucks, the man power, the budget but something is missing.

GPS trackers – a must need in order to run a smooth and effective logistics.

without it, is like driving without headlights at night.

Now the big question, “how do I get a GPS tracker in Malaysia?”

Better yet, “how do I choose the best service that provides quality tracking?”

1. The package deal

GPS tracking services now come with so many packages that you will be scratching your head on which is the best.

A basic GPS tracking deal gives you a combination of not the device, but other service that can make your life easier.

Services include analytics reports on the truck’s maintenance, live tracking systems provided, and the technical services that come along such as warranty, installation and tracker maintenance.

Whenever you knock on a GPS service company, make sure you get this checklist ready at hand.

2. Don’t get robbed

Checklist ready, now, you need to get a good GPS device and service that doesn’t burn

hole in your pocket.

Fortunately, tech rates are getting more affordable to choose from, whereby a basic GPS device can cost from RM100 to RM 500 depending on it’s specifications and of course, the brand.

Service providers are also negotiable when it comes to giving a good subscription package deal.

Just beware on online shopping platforms that give deals that are too good to be true.

3. The design does matter

This sounds unnecessary but believe so it is. You need to get the right GPS device in terms of size and model that suits your trucks and easy for your drivers.

You need a device that is simple to use and tough to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

A basic yet ideal GPS tracker needs to have an SOS button for emergency situations, the battery should last at least 5 days and it should have the water-resistant features and resilient design.

This gives you a long lasting tracker and it will not be a liability.

4. The ‘real-time’ features

Surely you need to get a real-time tracking system that uses satellite or cellular modem to track your fleet.

To do so, you need to consider this features as they are variety of real-time tracking system with different specification

First thing is to look at is the location update intervals where short update intervals

result in an accurate route for previous trips, while longer update intervals can be used to check the location of your fleet perhaps once or twice a day.

Then you see whether the system is satellite friendly where being able to connect to multiple satellite systems will deliver improved location accuracy and fast time-to-first-fix.

These features are important to update your customer on the whereabouts of their goods and ensure their delivery will be on-time or will there be any delays.

There you, 4 fine tips that will make your choice of a tracker easier. So, good luck.



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