Dear Fleets, Are you well maintained?

Dear Fleets, Are you well maintained?

Tyres check. Oil filter change check. Radiator check.
These are the vital checks for any vehicles before hitting the road but for logistic managements,
having to do fleet maintenance plays a crucial role in managing productive business.
We heard servicing as the basic word in order maintaining a vehicle but fleet maintenance
contains more emotion to it.
In other words, if you choose to ignore your fleet, you are playing risk, compromising your
employees’ safety, failing compliance inspections, plus paying for costly emergency repairs and
unplanned downtime.
In this economy, that’s a big NO NO.
So what is Fleet maintenance?
Long story short, Fleet Maintenance indicates the measures taken from time to time in making
sure your assets, which are your fleet vehicles, are mechanically in good shape to undergo the
daily task of a logistic business.
However sadly, some fleet owners tend to delay the process due to reasons which involve
money and schedules, despite having the potential of unavoidable downtime of your vehicle.
Talking about a huge blow to the company's income.
Sometimes, these issues are overlooked as there might not be any physical indications of the
vehicle in need of maintenance. Thus, only repairing your asset when it stopped moving.
So, a preventive antidote for your fleet is installing a software that can read the vitals of the fleet
where management can keep track from time to time.
You can get updates on mileage, fuel use and engine hours which can let you know if it's time
for the fleet’s monthly repair and service by the tip of your finger.
Plus, you can also schedule and plan for the budget needed to get your fleets up and running
By this, you and your company can benefit in a long run which we prepared the list for you: –

1. Cutting down cost

Servicing your fleet does cost you but it will cost you less when a fault is detected early
allowing to repair the fleet before matters get out of hand and the next thing you know, it
will cost you more to repair, worse, buying a whole new vehicle.
2. Reducing downtime
Without proper fleet maintenance, chances are the vehicle will need high cost repair which also means it will stop moving. In fleet management, that’s a big no no as said earlier this will mean your vehicle will stop bringing in a day’s worth of profit. Yes the
vehicle will have to be on halt if the software detects immediate repair but this will
minimise downtime. Long story short, it’s either two hours of fixing the problem detected
by the software or one week of repairing a big damage that went undetected.
3. Safety comes first
Fleet maintenance can really help in the financial department but it can also keep people
safe. A vehicle does not operate on it’s own. For a vehicle to keep moving, it needs a
driver who spends half of his day driving to a near far destination. Fleet maintenance
avoids accidents caused by a mechanical failure. Any risk will be seen in an earlier stage
through a software report which allows the damage to be fixed without endangering
lives. Plus, it also gives the boost for drivers to do their jobs well knowing they can come
home safe to their loved one. Also, it avoids hurting pedestrians and road users as well.
4. Customer’s trust
With maintenance, fleets are good as new which gives the confidence to customers that
their goods will be sent on time and safe. Vehicle with less high-end damage builds a
good reputation for management. The last thing a customer wants is to hear news that
their goods are delayed due to engine failure.
So lets make it clear. Fleet maintenance is a must to do and a fleet maintenance software is a
must to have in assisting this matter. Maybe now it seems a lot of work but for 10 years down
the road, this might have saved any logistic business.